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Tap the button below - it will take you to Octopus Energy
Then follow the simple steps to get your energy quote and start saving money, it only takes around 2 minutes and you will also get £50 free credit!

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Enter your postcode
Follow the easy steps to save money on your energy bill

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Complete the simple sign up process
Choose the best energy tariff that suits your needs

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Sit back and relax
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Why is Everyone Switching to Octopus Energy?

Awards, Awards, Awards!

It’s not easy to win awards, companies that value their customers and work hard to keep their place means it’s great to be their customer. Octopus Energy have won all of the below awards, arguably making them the best Green Energy Supplier in the UK.

Octopus Energy Reviews - Are they any good?

Their Trustpilot reviews are outstanding with 5 stars from over 27,000 reviews!, are they the best in the UK? They sure look like it!

the best Green energy supplier

Renewable Energy

It matters where your energy comes from. Switching to a company whose energy is 100% Green is great for the environment, I don’t need to tell you why. Being environmentally and budget friendly, it’s a no brainer you should switch to this amazing company. A years usage of electricity for the average UK house has a carbon footprint of 645kg CO2 per year. That very same house on an Octopus Electric Tariff has 0 carbon footprint. That the equivalent of planting around 320 trees!!!

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